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Summer Internship - Industrial waste water treatment

About the Unit

Environmental Technologies (ET) is a department at Yara Technology Center in Porsgrunn. The department delivers new and improved pollution control processes to Yara Production and support Crop Nutrition and Industrial in their development of products and services. The department operate pilot plants and laboratory facilities, and aslo provide expert advice within the area of process and end-of-pipe pollution control and climate gas emission control.

We are looking for a summer internship to participate in pilot and lab-trials related to industrial waste water treatment.


Operate laboratory scale trials testing different parameters influencing biological treatment performance. Tests to be carried out with artificial effluent simulation different waste streams from Yara plants. Work will include daily monitoring and sampling, analyses and reporting.


  • 3rd or 4th year master student within the field of chemical, biological or process engineering
  • Experience in practical laboratory work is a prerequisite
  • Knowledge on waste water samples analytical methods (spectrophotometry, chromatography, microscopy, …) would be appreciated
  • The candidate has to be motivated and confident in organizing his/her own work and have the ability to work independently
  • Fluency in English

Additional Information

Working period from the middle of June with a duration of 8 weeks.